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16 November, 2022


Roundtable aimed to introduce the interlinkages between One Health, the ocean, and climate change, explore the environmental law and policy dimensions.


16 November, 2022

An entirely indigenous panel discussing the impact of biodiversity loss on indigenous communities and their mental health.



17 November 2022


A panel on the experiences of persons with disabilities belonging to a minority or indigenous community: a ‘minority within a minority’ for whom the impacts of climate change are even more profound.


8 November 2022


An open dialogue among policy makers and communication experts, public health and climate communities.


8 November 2022


Hosted by World Health Organization and Wellcome Trust at COP27, in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.


27 September 2022


A listening event at the London Hub in light of the release of the second episode of our six-episode podcast series.

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Understanding the Traumas of Fortress Conservation


24 May 2022


The event has now passed, click on the image for documentation video.

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Stockholm + 50: Indigenous traditional knowledge & custodianship
3 June 2022

Side-Event hosted by Minority Rights Group and The Tenure Facility, in collaboration with Land Body Ecologies.

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22 June 2022


A listening event at the London Hub in light of the launch of our podcast.

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